Cloud Net Solution provide our customers with seamless, helpful and friendly customer care to our customers toward our Internet Business Solutions. We know that time is valuable toward running your businesses and expand your business, and that your time can be better spent promoting your web site, marketing and branding, but not trouble-shooting it.

You can rely on us on your web design and hosting, site content updates and maintenance to us.

Customer care FAQ – Email setting

1.) hat is my pop3 and stmp setting for my email ?
Your settings should be as follows:

POP3 Server :
SMTP Server :
Username :

2.) There is many spam emails coming to my Mailbox ?
Although we have anti virus and spam in place in our system, many a time spam email can still find ways to bypass it. Please send us a copy of the spam email and we could ban the sender email address if you required.

3.) Is my incoming email protected from viruses ?
Definitely, We do scan all incoming mails for viruses to your mailbox. However, for more additional security measures, we recommended you to install additional anti-virus protection  on your computer.

4.) I loss my email / login password what can I do ?
Please send us an email to request for a reset of your password or your existing password.  However, due to security reason, the request email have to be coming from one of your registered domain name with us or email address registered with us which enable us to identify you.

5.) How can I change my password ?
You can change your own password by logging into your control panel.

6.) How can I access my email online anywhere I go ?
You can access your email on the go by logging in to “ “ with your username and password

7.) How do I setup my Email account on my iphone or Android Phone  ?
iPhone Email Setup:


Android Phone Email Setup:

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